Tech Trends in the Retail Industry that are taking 2018 by Storm


As retails in the global economy dig deeper into 2018, they will continue to use technology and innovation to improve the consumer brand experience. In Europe and the United States, sales from the traditional brick and mortar stores will constitute the largest percentage of retail. However, digital trade and e-commerce will continue to expand at a double-digit pace. The global retail industry will be quick to incorporate technology into their business operations to close the gap between the physical and the digital world. Technology is critical for any business as it gives a competitive edge in the modern capitalistic market of the 21st-century economy.

A recent study conducted by Gallup suggested that 85% of all the businesses that will adopt technology in their operations are set to increase their sales volume by over 55% within three years. The same survey also concluded that 70% of retailers that will not adopt … Read more