In the more recent years, the media has revealed numerous corporations that have experienced data breach. If these well-protected companies can experience such a major loss, consumers are at an even greater risk of identity theft and security must be considered. Learning about the ways these criminals infiltrate can allow you to prevent the issue from happening to you.

  • Only carry the exact documentation needed on your person. Extra credit cards, your social security card and passport should remain at home unless they’re required.
  • Pick up your new checks from the bank, instead of having them delivered to your home. This can prevent thieves from entering your mailbox and taking them.
  • Avoid giving away your personal information over the phone. There are many scams around the country right now, where thieves post as governmental officials to garner private information. Ask for identification or to set up a face-to-face meeting for any calls that you did not request.
  • Purchase an inexpensive paper shredder to keep your private information safe, even after you throw it in the garbage. Bank statements, credit card receipts and the like can still be seen, if a criminal decides to rummage through your garbage.