Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP) is a scheme that mainly applies to protect the forest and to conserve the nature of the forest to restore the greenish values. The Greenpeace, being a part of SFMP has been eventually striving to protect the forest by preventing the activities of deforestation. Recently in the partly areas of Indonesia, the level of deforestation has been found to be higher and APRIL is found to be the major corporation to enhance the activities of deforestation. April being a company working towards the conservation model has been working to conserve a hectare of conservation forest for every hectare of plantation. This plantation establishment and sustainability have been considered to get procurement by 2018 or even sooner. Greenpeace hereby offered sustainability commitments for the SFMP and made several recommendations to APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee, SAC. But recently Greenpeace has found that APRIL has been found to make illegal progress of KPMG reports and have got sustainability by several comparisons.

But, suddenly, APRIL rejects Greenpeace Claims, as APRIL has been keenly working on preserving the forest and it has notably stated that, each and every prospect of APRIL on the sustainable development has got several positive recommendations on the HCV assessments and the prospects of KPMG and SFMP are higher in APRIL when compared to the competitors. In response to the Greenpeace, APRIL as stated sustainability commitments that includes the appropriate actions taken to support the implementation of SFMP and working constructively with the SAC and this is assured and proven in the conduction of independent verification process by KPMG. APRIL has also made several improved livelihoods for many people living under the operational areas through the creation of employment strategies with improvements in physical and social infrastructures.