Flowers are a great present to give on just about any occasion, whether it is romantic of just a friendship. With a large variety of colors and shapes to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Orchids produce flowers in every color except black and blue. They don’t have the genetic capability to produce those colors, but any other combination is fair game. You can even find orchids that look like animals and insects if you are looking for something different.

What colors and feelings that you are trying to show will determine what type of orchid you are looking to buy. They are all easy to care for, but some like different situations better than others. Here is our list of the best orchids to give someone as a gift:

Moth Orchids

Moth orchids are the most popular orchid species and are sold just about everywhere you can possibly imagine. You will find this type of Orchid in flower shops, hardware stores, grocery stores, and even convenience store. They are the easiest to take care of and can thrive even while sitting on the shelves.

If you live or work somewhere that has lights and stays between 60 and 70 degrees, then you can grow a Moth Orchid. They are prefect indoor plants because they thrive in the conditions that most of us are used to at home.

Place this orchid in a bright spot that does not get any direct sunlight. You will need to water it about once a week in the sink, letting the water flow completely through to rinse out salts left behind from the last time you watered. That’s all it takes to keep an orchid like this alive, anyone can do that!

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobiums are the second most popular orchid that you will see for sale. They are extremely fancy and are also available in a wide variety of colors. There are over 2300 species of Dendrobium Orchids on the planet, so you are sure to find one that you like.

These orchids, just like the Moth Orchids, are very easy to take care of because they thrive in typical indoor conditions. The only difference in care for this type of orchid is to water them in the morning so that the leaves have plenty of time to dry out. If you have a humidity tray handy, that will also help keep this orchid nice and happy.