How To Decide Whether or Not to Outsource Your HR Department


Finding all the paperwork in your business a hassle? Struggling to keep up with the mountain of management associated with employing people that isn’t directly related to the work they’re doing for you? Then you might want to consider a professional employer organization (PEO). A PEO essentially takes over the HR functions of a business leaving the business owner free to focus their efforts on their business.

What Does a PEO Do?

PEOs typically tackle all the standard HR and employee related tasks associated with running a business. You can often pick and choose from a menu of services; outsourcing the stuff you don’t want to deal with and holding on to things you do. A typical range of services should include:

  • Generic HR management for the business
  • Administering employee benefit programs
  • Setting up and monitoring safety programs (OSHA)
  • Training and development of staff
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Government compliance as
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Starting A Business Checklist

New BusinessIf you are moving your online business to a new location the first thing it is best to take into account is performing an satisfactory research on the native market Gather as much data as you may concerning the clients, their characteristics, and spending habits and find the one most certainly to have interaction your model and put money into the products you are offering. Furthermore, analysis your rivals, their style of doing enterprise, as well as the overall business you may be operating in. This info is what permits business owners to maneuver their companies with out worrying about shedding income and going out of business.

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3 Tips for Chronic Caring

This is a guest post by Sharlyn Lauby, who writes HR Bartender.

Chances are you’ve seen the news by now reporting that there are upcoming changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But I’m not here to talk about the ADA…your friendly local employment attorney can give you all the details.

I want to talk about employees who have chronic or reoccurring medical conditions. According to Wikipedia nearly one in two Americans (translation: about 133 million) has some sort of chronic medical condition. Examples of common chronic conditions are arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. And, these conditions may or may not be covered under the ADA. So if you’re approached by an employee who wants to discuss a reoccurring medical condition, how should you handle it?

The answer? Like a person. Let me tell you a story…

Long before the ADA, FMLA, and a handful

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20 Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Buzzsumo is a tool that lets you find out what content is performing best across social media platforms. By using Buzzsumo you can gain valuable insights into what content you should create and what topics to target to get the most traction, engagement, and visibility.

There are four key components of the BuzzSumo platform.

Discovery: This area allows you to view content that is trending across social media platforms in different categories. Each piece of content has a trending score and engagement metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Research: With this part of the tool you are able to search for top-performing web content, then analyze and compare items based on filters you apply.

Influencers: Buzzsumo allows you to find social media influencers in your target market to get the word out. These influencers may be another good way to promote your content and brand.

Monitoring: With this part

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7 Best Shredders for Small Business

A shredder is one of those often overlooked office technologies like copiers and intranet platforms. A good paper shredder fits seamlessly into your work environment to prevent identity theft and keep junk mail from cluttering your space, but a bad shredder wastes your time and can even pose a safety risk. 

BP’s Picks for Best Shredders for Small Businesses?

Before you invest money in a shredder for your small business, you need to know what to look for in a machine and which models on the market offer the best features at the best value.

What to Look for in the Best Paper Shredders

For some businesses, a paper shredder is absolutely essential for protecting private, sensitive data from being obtained and used for identity theft or other wrongful purposes. For other small businesses, a shredder is a matter of convenience.

Since different businesses have distinct needs, it’s important to

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