How to Handle Being Arrested

People who have been arrested deserve to know all their rights and legal options.  A lot of people face legal trouble, and many of them regret not being prepared. These are the things everyone needs to know before they get arrested.

Find a Lawyer

If you have recently been arrested for a crime, there is a good chance that you will need to hire the services of an attorney. A criminal defense attorney will help get the most out of your case by using his or her knowledge of the legal system and local customs. The right lawyer will be familiar with all of the applicable laws that pertain to your specific situation, so he or she will know how to best represent you and keep you out of jail.

Figure Out Bail

There are two choices for people who need bail bonds Scranton PA: cash and surety. Cash bail bonds are typically very expensive and a criminal defendant often does not have enough money to pay in full. Not everyone who is arrested will have collateral that can be used as bail. A surety bail bond is when the defendant allows a third party to pay the bail in exchange for a fee the defendant must pay. Make sure you learn all the details of the bail agreement before choosing.

Stay Quiet

Staying quiet is another important consideration. Being silent during an arrest can sometimes make a significant difference, so you should learn how to exercise your Miranda rights. If you are arrested for a felony, most states do not require you to speak if you have no lawyer with you. Other states allow you to talk after being advised by a legal professional. It is important that you understand what your state’s legal processes are at the time you are arrested so that you can avoid making statements that might later be used against you. 

Getting arrested is stressful, as most people don’t expect it to happen to them. It’s wise to prepare yourself just in case you find yourself or a loved one in trouble.