Young People Business Ideas, Here’s What You Can Try!

Today the interest of young people to become entrepreneurs is very high. We can see this from the increasing number of new businesses that are popping up and being introduced every day. Especially businesses engaged in the creative industry, such as culinary, fashion, event creators, custom vehicles, to tourism.

The birth of various types of new businesses is of course good news for Indonesia. Because what else is the main factor that can improve the economy the most other than the increasing number of entrepreneurs?

So, for you young people who want to be entrepreneurs but are confused about what business to start, you don’t need to worry. The problem is that this article will give you a list of young people’s business ideas that are worth trying. Come on, listen!

1. Blogger or freelance writer

One of the business ideas for young people that you deserve to try right now is to become a blogger. Only with the provision of an internet network, PC/laptop, blog site, and good writing skills, you can make quite a bit of money from this business. Even though most blogger businesses are only run by themselves or a few people, the potential for income should not be underestimated, you know. The reason is that now there are many examples of successful bloggers who earn income of more than 1 billion per month.

2. Online Stores

The presence of the internet has opened up many new opportunities for us to do business. One of them is the opportunity to open a shop business without having to pay expensive fees to rent a building and pay several employees.
This opportunity is none other than the online shop. Online store or commonly known as E-commerce is one of the most promising business opportunities to run. Especially for you young people who have lots of fresh, new, and creative ideas in stock.
In an online store, you can sell various types of products or goods. Starting from clothes, accessories, shoes, sandals, hats, cellphones, food & drinks, to antiques, you can sell everything. And you can do all of this just by relying on minimal capital, you know.

3. Become a Reseller or Dropshipper

If the online shop business mostly requires you to have stock of goods to sell. So in the reseller or dropshipper business, you actually don’t mind if you don’t have products to sell.
The reason is because in this business you are only required to market other people’s products to as many people as possible. And if a product is successfully sold through you, then you will automatically be given a portion of the commission from the sale. Therefore, this reseller and dropshipper business is also suitable for young people to run.

4. Laundry Business

For you young people who live in urban areas, especially those of you who are located around campus areas, then opening a laundry or laundry business can be one of the right business choices for you to live.
The reason is most of the students want it practical. They no longer want the term to have to bother providing part of the time to wash clothes every 2-3 days.