What is an affiliate, and how does it help create sales?

An affiliate is a term used to refer to second party marketers. These are marketers who do not officially work for a company but are paid based on the number of customers that they can generate for the company in question. Affiliates have become an extremely useful asset to companies looking to increase sales and sensitive the public on new products.

Recent data has shown that searches for affiliate marketing have risen by 30 percent between 2016 and 2017. The most attractive feature of affiliates is low-risk high-profit returns. The relevant question then becomes how does an affiliate help create sales for companies?

Affiliate marketing has become more relevant in recent times as large companies realize that the future of marketing is the internet. More and more people prefer to shop online from their phones rather than go out into physical stores to shop. To understand affiliate programs better let’s look at Boohoo Uk affiliate program.

How Does The Boohoo Affiliate Program Work?

Boohoo offers regular bloggers and website owners an opportunity to be affiliated through a structured affiliate program. First, The company runs some checks on you to see that you’re trustworthy and get you approved. Then they give you access to the sites product feed and creative content. Once you have these the marketing begins. Boohoo is able to track which sales came from your website links through third-party applications. Standard Boohoo commissions offer 7{6d4ba0f52ad3e374986db76eda7fd269e5dce521bffd0f4b766bd4c660c2d90d} for every sale tracked back to you.

The more engaged affiliates are the better access to affiliate deals that offer more commission. The whole process is simple and effective.

How Effective have Affiliates Been?

So far Boohoo affiliate program has generated significant sales. Boohoo has reported considerable growth in sales. Pre-tax profit for the company rose by 97{6d4ba0f52ad3e374986db76eda7fd269e5dce521bffd0f4b766bd4c660c2d90d} in 2017. The company has continued to grow despite the “backdrop of difficult trading in the UK clothing sector”. The success of affiliates is not only limited to internet links on websites alone.

Boohoo also invested in influencer affiliates who promoted products with special codes. The idea behind this came from a survey which showed that most of the e-commerce site’s customers where people with the 16-24 age range. Using this information boohoo identified media influencers and celebrities including Jordyn Woods to promote their products with special codes. These are referred to as boohoo discount codes; they are given to affiliates to aid their marketing of the brand.

Despite the large part affiliates have played in the success of the boohoo brand, they cannot be said to be solely responsible for the rapid growth of the e-commerce site over the last decade. Creative marketing has always been a strategy of Boohoo and this has showcased in several other ways. Another creative marketing scheme of Boohoo is the Boohoo student discount. This strategy directly targets the age range of 16-24 who are more likely to be in one level of schooling or the other. As you may imagine the student discount is a big hit.

The Boohoo brand example is an excellent demonstration of the role of affiliates in helping create sales. While this model may not be applicable to every company, it is sure to be effective in almost every case.