The phrase “corporate retreat” is one that can simultaneously inspire excitement and dread in the minds of managers and employees across the land; to some, the idea of a weekend alongside colleagues is an experience to be relished, while others may greet the scenario with a little less enthusiasm. Love them or hate them, corporate retreats and team building activities are at the heart of many business success stories, and their benefits can far outweigh the awkwardness of finding out how many of your colleagues snore.

The advantages of corporate retreats

Of course, far from being holidays, corporate retreats serve a serious function in the world of business. Corporate retreats are just that – a retreat from the dizzying world of work and the confines of the office, and a chance to really get to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses. After all, how can a team be expected to gel unequivocally if barriers, trust issues, and personality clashes have been become commonplace in the office? Corporate retreats are a fantastic way of building and developing working relationships, increasing creativity, teaching team building skills, and educating colleagues, as well as serving as a deserved reward for those who have given their all in the company’s name. In addition, team building activities are designed to help employees overcome fears and awkwardness, encourage colleagues to share the same goals, expose hidden talents, and create a real sense of togetherness, as well as being really good fun.

Whether you and your colleagues are away for mere hours or a whole weekend, there are numerous activities that you may find advantageous to your business relationships, including treasure hunts, raft building, logic puzzles, bush craft and survival experiences, and team assault course challenges; these are designed to heighten communication, develop trust, encourage cooperation, enhance creativity, inspire fun, and serve as introductions to each other’s core strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, outdoor activities such as archery, paintball, extreme driving experiences, clay pigeon shooting, and canoeing are designed to test skill and break barriers, while icebreakers and indoor events such as cocktail making, food tasting, and crafting can be subtle ways of bonding people. Take your pick.

Introducing the Mohonk Mountain House

Location is absolutely crucial when it comes to choosing a corporate retreat, as are the types of activities on offer; forest centers, beach retreats, stately homes, and mountain resorts can all offer fantastic settings for getting to know one another, while the tailored programs of events can make or break a company’s resolve. One resort that you may wish to consider for your next retreat is Mohonk Mountain House, a beautiful Victorian-era castle located in Upstate New York. While its breathtaking architecture and stunning lakeside setting may be enough to soothe even the most stressed employee’s worries, it’s the resort’s extensive program of events that will really bring out the best in your team; from sporting events and gladiator tournaments, to geocaching, culinary lessons, cross country skiing, board gaming, nature rambles, and stargazing, the team at Mohonk has thought of everything in order to encourage team building and company motivation. In addition to its challenges, sporting experiences, and tuition, the resort offers spa facilities, a health and fitness center, and gorgeous landscaped gardens to be enjoyed – perfect if you’re hoping to relax your team, encourage creativity, and ensure that everyone is refreshed for their return to the office. If that’s not enough to inspire you, check out the Mohonk Mountain House Facebook page for the resort’s latest galleries, offers, and an up-to-date program of events.

Whether team building and corporate retreats are your bag or not, there is no denying their benefits to businesses. Choosing the right location, such as Mohonk Mountain House, can help to make a corporate retreat memorable, and successful, while your choice of activity should inspire creativity, trust, and company loyalty. Have you booked your next outing?